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SHengDa 433MHZ suction cup antenna
Issuing Time:2021-09-17


433mhz wireless module is widely used in wireless sensors, wireless meter reading, industrial measurement and control, logistics and asset management, robot control, building automation, intelligent because of its low power consumption, high reliability, small size, light weight and many other points. Home, power security, security monitoring, remote control and other industries or products. However, in these industries, some of the requirements for the stability and reliability of wireless module communication are very high. So, how can the stability and reliability of 433mhz wireless module communication be guaranteed?

1. Remove obstacles. Obstruction of obstacles such as tall buildings and metal objects in the city can result in poor signal transmission. When using it, try to avoid obstacles and prevent the module and antenna from being in a higher place.

2. Use a directional antenna that matches the high gain. If the module is in the best working condition, then the matching high-gain antenna should be selected, and the directional antenna with high gain can significantly increase the power density in the communication direction, thus increasing the communication distance.

433mhz wireless module

3. Appropriate receiving sensitivity. Whether the module communication is reliable and the communication distance is far enough is related to the receiving sensitivity. Due to electromagnetic interference and industrial pollution, the inherent noise of electronic components, the appropriate increase in receiving sensitivity can increase the communication distance.

4. Output power. The larger the transmission power, the farther the communication distance is. If the conditions permit, appropriately increasing the transmission power is beneficial to increase the communication distance.

In addition to the above points, the quality of the 433mhz wireless module is also an important factor affecting its stability and reliability. Imagine if the chip or antenna used by the manufacturer is shoddy or the quality is not enough, how can he guarantee his transmission distance? It can guarantee the stability and reliability of its communication. Therefore, the selected module is also very important. Shenzhen Haohua Electronics specializes in the production of wireless modules for more than ten years. It has rich experience in the production of 433mhz wireless modules, and the quality is guaranteed. Hotline: 86-0755-29466981