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DTMB ground wave antenna
Issuing Time:2021-09-17


Trent Communications and a number of provincial and municipal companies and radio and television companies jointly develop and produce terrestrial digital TV antennas. With the promotion and popularization of DTMB terrestrial digital TV programs nationwide, many places have now opened terrestrial digital TV transmissions, receiving There are more and more viewers. The ground digital wave TV is the same as our original wooden pole, which is tied with a few aluminum tubes. It can be seen by watching the TV. But the original is the analog signal. Now it is the digital signal. The advantage of digital TV is More HD, no snowflake.

First of all, let me introduce what DTMB means: DTMB, full name Digital TelevisionTerrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting (Chinese: terrestrial digital TV broadcasting)

There are three ways to transmit digital TV, including terrestrial transmission, cable transmission, and satellite transmission. The digital TV terrestrial transmission system environment is the most complex, and it has attracted much attention because of its highest technical requirements and wide audience. The standardization of ground systems is also very important. There are currently three international standards for terrestrial digital television broadcasting approved by the United States Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), European Digital Video Terrestrial Broadcasting (DVB-T) and Japan Terrestrial Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB-T). In 1999, China set up a digital TV R&D and industrialization and established a national digital TV leading group to clearly declare its own technical standards. In response to the specific standards of digital TV applications in China, China launched the digital terrestrial standard DTMB in 2006.