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High-tech enterprise specializing in microwave,
mobile and satellite communication antennas

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Company core values:

Connect the world with antennas, serve the people in good faith, return the society with value, and win the company and employees.

Corporate spirit

Integrity, dedication, innovation, excellence

Company development objectives

Bringing together top talents, starting a first-class company, dedicating first-class products, providing first-class services

Our Mission  

Develop and manufacture the world's most advanced and reliable communication antenna products and become an excellent information industry enterprise;

To make closer contributions to humanity and to make a due contribution to the wider exchange of the world.

Corporate talent concept

Personality priority, moderate ability, dedication, team first

Company business philosophy

Integrity creates brand quality attracts customers service weaves the future

Company service concept

Sincere and sincere, wholehearted service

Business development goals

Short-term goal: to become the most powerful antenna manufacturer in China;

Long-term goal: To be among the world's leading antenna manufacturers.

Business philosophy

Sincere efforts make human communication without boundaries.

Professional ethics

Dedication, honesty and trustworthiness, service enterprise, dedication to society.