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Internet of Things vending machine antenna
Issuing Time:2021-09-17

The current data of the vending machine, including system status, system failure, material path failure, out of stock situation, and sales data are wirelessly transmitted to the vending machine network server through the antenna through the GPRS module installed on the vending machine. The operator can Master this information on the vending machine on any networked computer to realize the large-scale operation and network management of the vending machine.

Mobile shopping

The vending machine system is docked with the mobile POS module system to realize the reading and writing operation of the 2.4 GHz RFSIM card launched by China Mobile, and complete the mobile shopping function of the mobile phone.

Multimedia display

Using LED display and multimedia display technology, the vending machine system is docked with the PC system, so that consumers can purchase the goods of the vending machine through the touch screen controlled by the PC, which not only replaces the selection button, but also enables the vending machine to have a media function.

Self-service payment

The ATM machine system is embedded in the vending machine, and the vending machine is used as a mobile and financial terminal device to realize a self-service payment service.