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China's terrestrial digital TV international standard DTMB successfully landed in Pakistan
Issuing Time:2021-09-17

[Global Science and Technology Comprehensive Report] On April 20th, under the witness of the leaders of China and Pakistan, the national television station DTMB high-definition digital TV signal was successfully launched. This marks that China's DTMB high-definition digital international standards have once again been applied in overseas countries. As an important partner of Pakistan National Television (PTV), ZTE has provided a complete set of equipment and design planning solutions for the DTMB TV Experimental Bureau, which has once again become a model for successful cooperation between Chinese and Pakistani companies.

The Chinese DTMB standard is currently one of the international standards for terrestrial digital TV approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). In recent years, ZTE has actively promoted China's terrestrial digital TV standards. It has repeatedly cooperated with the digital TV national engineering laboratory to conduct cooperation and feasibility analysis with the Pakistani side, which greatly enhanced the Pakistani confidence in adopting the Chinese DTMB standard. The successful launch of the DTMB TV Experimental Bureau also marked the beginning of a substantive phase in the cooperation between the two parties on the DTMB standard.

According to the plan, the overall construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will be completed in 2030. As one of the early planning cooperation projects between the two governments of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”, ZTE worked closely with PTV to build the experimental bureau in less than four months and to launch the DTMB digital TV demonstration system. ZTE was also invited to become an important potential partner of Pakistan's national digital TV broadcasting system project. The project aims to completely replace PTV's existing analog TV broadcasting system, and launch high-definition TV broadcasting in the new system to complete the conversion of analog to digital TV, and realize the full digitization and high definition of TV broadcasting system. At the same time, it will use the digital dividend to provide a richer TV channel in the existing spectrum resources, and fully serve 50 million families across Pakistan.

Pakistani National Television Director Ma Lik expressed his sincere congratulations on the successful cooperation between the two sides. He believes: "The conversion of analog signals to digital signals marks a new era for Pakistani radio and television. The majority of Pakistani people will soon feel radio and television. Great changes in content. Thanks to ZTE for all efforts to demonstrate China's DTMB standards."

Wang Jiangjiang, head of ZTE's representative office in Pakistan, said: "DTMB is a new technology for China's independent intellectual property rights. As a new technology export, it can also promote the international development of the entire DTMB industry while demonstrating the hard power of China's technology, standards and manufacturing. Promote the spread of Chinese culture and increase mutual understanding among people in the country."

As China and Pakistan further deepen their cooperation projects in the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", ZTE, as China's largest listed company of communications equipment, will do its utmost to promote cooperation between the two countries in the field of communications and provide the best quality for the Pakistani people. Products and services.

Source: Shenzhen Yuda Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.